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747-LH "Ol'School"
Brandenburg B.1 and C.1 in Yugoslavia

1. Hansa Brandenburg B.1, no.13
2. Hansa Brandenburg B.1, no.76.88
3. Hansa Brandenburg C.1, no.02.04
4. Hansa Brandenburg C.1, no.6, A.K.I.

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746-LH "Bre-14"
Breguet 14 A2 in Serbian WWI Air Force

1. Renault-build Breguet 14 A2, no.4690,AR.521, 1914
2. Michelin-build Breguet 14 A2, no.12329, Yug. Army AF, 1925

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745-LH "Sun City"
April War Escapees, part two

1. Savoia Marchetti S.79K, no.3702, Egypt 1941
2. DFA Dornier Do-17Ka-3 (Kb-3), no.3363, Egypt 1941
3. Lockheed L-10A, ex-Aeroput, Egypt 1941

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744-LH "Abu Qir"
April War Escapees, part one

1. Zmaj Heinkel He-8, Crete, Greece 1941
2. Dornier Do-22 Kj (Do H), Aboukir Bay, Egypt 1941
3. Rogozarski SIM-XIV-H, Aboukir Bay, Egypt 1941

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740-LH "D'vizze"
Yugoslav Export Jets

1. Soko G-2AE Galeb, no.10105, Libyan AF
2. Soko G-2AE Galeb, no.10207, Libyan AF
3. Soko G-2A Galeb, no.23102, ex-Zambia AF
4. Soko G-4 Supergaleb, no.371, Myanmar AF

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739-LH "1948 War"
Egyptain and Israeli Spitfires, Mark Nine

1. Supermarine Spitfire L.F. Mk IXe, Velveta 2 Operation, no.SL632, ex-CzAF, 1948
2. Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc, Royal Egyptian AF, no.664
3. Supermarine Spitfire L.F. Mk IXe, 101. Sq IDF, no.2004

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108-LH "Airliners"
Small Scale Yugoslav Airliners, part 4 in 1/144

1. Convair CV-440/58, YU-ADD, Jugoslovenski Aerotransport
2. Douglas C-47A-25-DK, YU-ABB, Jugoslovenski Aerotransport

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107-LH "Airliners"
Small Scale Yugoslav Airliners, part 3 in 1/144

1. Douglas DC-6B, YU-AFF, Adria Aviopromet
2. Douglas C-47A, YU-ABI, Jugoslovenski Aerotransport

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106-LH "Migz 144"
Braille Scale Yugoslav Aircraft, part 4 in 1/144

1. MiG-23ML, ex-Iraqi
2. MiG-21f-13, L-12, no.22532/532
3. MiG-21PFM, L-14, no.22716/716
4. MiG-21M, L-15, 22815/815
5. MiG-21bis-K, L-17K, no.17222/222
6. MiG-21bis, L-17, no.17126, after 1992
7. MiG-29, L-18, no.18102/102
8. MiG-29, L-18, no.18108, after-1992

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105-LH "Bugz III"
Braille Scale Yugoslav Aircraft, part 3 in 1/144

1. Junkers Ju-52, no.7201
2. Douglas C-47, no.7313
3. Antonov An-26, no.71377
4. Antonov An-2, YU-BPO, Aeroklub Novi Sad

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104-LH "Bugz II"
Braille Scale Yugoslav Aircraft, part 2 in 1/144

1. Republic F-47D, no.13017
2. Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc, JK764
3. Hawker Hurricane Mk.IV RP, KX800
4. Yak-1b, no.47
5. Yak-3, no.2211
6. Yak-9M,2525

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103-LH "Bugz I"
Braille Scale Yugoslav Aircraft, part 1 in 1/144

1. Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, no.2306
2. Zmaj Hurricane Mk.I, no.2347
3. Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIc, LD116
4. Messerschmitt Me-109E-3, no.2521
5. Messerschmitt Me-109E-3, no.2532
6. Messerschmitt Me-109G-6, no.15

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